My name is Eric Hahn and I am a second year MA student in the Cinema Studies program at NYU. I did my undergrad studies in cinema at SUNY Purchase and have returned to Purchase this semester as a lecturer teaching two Intro to Cinema Studies courses. In addition to teaching, I work as a freelance video editor, colorist, and camera operator primarily for a company called Wheelhouse Creative based in NYC. I like to wear brightly colored socks and I’m an avid Cleveland Browns fan. That last sentence is not true but it makes me sound more interesting.

My current research is focused on two relatively disparate topics: one being a larger question regarding cinematic temporality in relation to notions of power-chronography/chronopolitics while the other centers specifically on the low/no budget, DIY, and (arguably) participatory VHS horror film and it’s creation and circulation in the Reagan 80s. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that most of my research is film based (in all its transmedial iterations). That said, I’m extremely interested in all forms of media and would even go so far as to argue that any contemporary cinematic analysis must consider technological shifts and media trends beyond the confines of film in order to truly dissect how films are constructed and received. We are each, after all, immersed in a shifting media landscape that fundamentally alters not only how we engage with each other but, simultaneously, how we come to understand ourselves. In essence, focusing solely on film and overlooking larger mediatic flows ignores the fact that filmmakers and audience members exist in a particular sociopolitical, cultural, and technological moment that inevitably shapes cinematic construction and reception.


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